Norbert Young, Toun Oni, Kunle Bamtefa, and others come on board.

Going by the intensified pre-production activities of the Hon. Dimabo Oruama-written play, The Return of the Golden Sword it appears Ivy Museum, the production house is determined to live up to her promise of delivering “a first of a kind.” At the National Theatre studio of the pre-production goings-on recently, the Producer, Ms. Tina Mba of over Two decades Stage and TV accomplishment explained the increase in tempo and widening of operations.

Ms. Mba said, “When we said we intend to offer the first of a kind in terms of stage production in Nigeria, we actually meant it, and this kind of world standard pre-production process you see is one of our means of achieving that pledge”.

Continuing, she said, “In my time in this practice, the background and experience of the playwright quite simply dictates that this kind of material must be given the best treat possible”. According to Mba, “It becomes personal because Hon. Dimabo Oruama has proficiently highlighted a strong concern of mine; the implications of cultural and political activities women and children”.

There is another reason you will find us using only topnotchers like director, Niji Akanni with someone like Makinde Adeniran assisting him; actors like Toun Oni who is a national honours Holder, Norbert Young, and Kunle Bamtefa; a music coordinator like Ogun Mawuyon, and a Choreographer like Dayo Muslim Liadi (Olori Oko) and others”.“This is because after seeing and practicing in a number of countries, I keep feeling I have a kind of national duty to create something that would measure up to those highly advanced yet diverse-audience accessible performances that have held me spellbound”.

According to the playwright, Hon. Oruama, a Commissioner representing Rivers State on board the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) who has just made a quick dash to Lagos, “I am eager to deploy the stage because it is a more enduring creative platform, which time or technology could not destroy.

Expressing pleasure at the spirit of work, Oruama said, “I am deeply concerned that my country appears to be devaluing everything valuable she has in our cultures, our values, the Niger Delta; everything socially, spiritually, and materially, and I’m particularly glad that the cast and crew and their level of dedication to the theme and sub-themes of this play”.

Slated to show first at The Muson Centre, Lagos on May 9, 10, and 11; The Return of The Golden Sword would also play in Abuja and Portharcourt.

Kila Odunayo – Media

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