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About This Book

Let’s take a quick peak into the book

THE RETURN OF THE GOLDEN SWORD …  An epic drama by Dimabo Oruama
Structure – An African Setting

… a love saga of faith and trust that outweighs the romance of our time.

The epic drama enunciates King Dokubo’s caprice and insensitivity to his subjects and the royal family, who sees no injustice in his acts. Deluded by anger, the King is thrown into obscure wisdom, in choosing the heir to the throne among his three sons. He wishes to know who loves him most, as a prerequisite to succeed him.

The youngest, Ibibo, finds himself in the King’s gambit when he tells his father, that he loves him more than the common salt. The latent truth ventilated the King’s fiery emotion and the Prince is banished. Father and son swear on cross-swords to meet like enemies anywhere in the world.

Ibibo’s exit forces Lolo, his fiancée, out of her parents’ home with defiance to look for him against all odds,…

The theme depicts and elucidates man’s fate and destiny in the arms of Nemesis. Tantalising, breathtaking and the end begins the story.

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